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    Safe Use of Pyro     

Industry Group Issues Recommendations Bethesda, Maryland (March 10, 2003) - In response to questions about the safe use of indoor pyrotechnics following the Rhode Island nightclub fire on February 20, the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) today issued the following safety recommendations to meeting planners, banquet facilities, hotels, theaters, stadiums, convention centers and conference sites that use indoor "proximate" pyrotechnics to enhance their events: Only use a professional pyrotechnic company or certified pyrotechnic operator.

Require and verify references from the pyrotechnic company or certified operator.

Request that NFPA Standard 1126, Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate.

Audience, be strictly adhered to, especially if your state or local jurisdiction has no detailed legal requirements for indoor pyrotechnics.

Understand what pyrotechnic effects will be used and make certain that the local fire marshal has approved the plan and issued the necessary permit.

Prohibit any pyrotechnic supplies or devices on-site that have not been approved for use at the event.

Ensure all venue staff are advised of the intended use of indoor pyrotechnics in the facility and designate appropriately trained staff to be responsible for executing the facility's emergency response and evacuation

Insist that personnel have appropriate fire extinguishing equipment on hand to extinguish any accidental fire involving flammable or combustible materials.

Request a certificate of liability insurance coverage from the pyrotechnic company or certified pyrotechnic operator.

Insist that the venue be named as an additional insured for the duration of the event.

  The APA emphasized that indoor pyrotechnics are not appropriate for use in venues with flammable or combustible interior surfaces or furnishings and may not be appropriate in certain facilities that do not have sprinklers. All staging areas, including draperies and carpet, must be flame retardant.

"By adhering to these common sense, practical safety tips, and employing the services of a licensed professional pyrotechnics company or certified pyrotechnics operator, indoor pyrotechnics can be an exciting and safe entertainment medium," said Julie L. Heckman, Executive Director of the APA.

Heckman noted that for more than 30 years, indoor pyrotechnics have been enjoyed by millions spectators and have enhanced theatrical productions, rock concerts, sporting events, ice shows and political conventions.

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    Permit Info     

All indoor and outdoor displays require permits from local authorities and insurance. Fire department requirements to obtain fireworks permits for indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics vary with each county or city, but most request at least 15 days. Permit fees include a fire watch for stand-by fire fighters. Fireworks may not be shot from residential areas unless approved by fire department.

Coast Guard permits are required for all displays taking place over water. Coast Guard requirements are stricter and require 60-135 days to obtain permits. Typically new events which we have not shot in the past require 135 days. This means essentially that although another fireworks company may have shot fireworks for you in the past, if this is a first time event with us, we will still require the 135 days. However, if your event takes place yearly or if we have shot from the same site for you previously, the 60 day rule applies.

Customers may request a copy of the permit and the insurance for their event.


1. Do I need a permit to have fireworks?
Yes, a permit must be pulled at all times. Party Sparks Inc will pull all permits for you for indoor and outdoor fireworks.

2. Do I need a fire watch present?
Yes, a fire marshal must be present at the time of firing off any fireworks.

3. Do you have insurance?
Yes, Party Sparks Inc is fully insured.

4. How long do the table fountains last and how high do they go?
They last 45 seconds and go three fight in the air.

5. Can one table fountain go off without the rest?
Yes, we can program it to go off at any time we like.

6. Do you provide any other services or products?
Yes, We can provide you with almost everything you need for your event from invitations to seating charts to favors to Disc jockey to flowers to Glow products to Engravings.

7. Does the table fountain burn the flowers?
No it has no contact with the flowers.

8. Do you have dry ice?
Yes we have a dry ice machine.

9. What are the minimum table fountains I can get? 10 are the minimum.

10. How are the table fountains fired?
All shows are electronically fired.

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