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• Handheld design with belt holster Desktop Transmitter

• Programmable sequence storage allows users to program up to 4 different sequences with over 250 firings per sequence

• * 2W transmitter for over 1 mile range

• Works on 110V or 12V

• "Rapid-Fire" or normal mode operation

• Illuminated display for night viewing

• Staff paging feature works with on-premise pagers to call staff during an event

• Manual mode for simple operation * Range is tested in open field conditions with no interference (467.750 MHZ) Benefits

• Minimize set up time at an event

• No Wires to run

• Paging feature can call staff together before starting the event

• Reduces labor costs and Set up time by Half.



The SPFX Wireless System by Party Sparks, Inc. adds great versatility to any kind of pyrotechnic special effects. With the Remote SPFX system you can launch effects remotely with the push of a button.


• Dual Channel Receivers each channel capable of firing up to 3 squibs

• Long Range FM receiver • Built-in rechargeable NiMH batteries

• Quick Connect knobs for simple hookup

• Active LED shows when receivers are "live"

• Field--programmable receivers (no soldering or DIP switches) Portable Transmitters

• "Auto-Lock" feature prevents accidents

• * 100mW for 1/2 mile range

• Battery indicator

• Built-in rechargeable battery pack lasts over 1 week


SPFX Wireless
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